Published 24 January 2024

Movies about threats and violence

In this two movies you will meet elected representatives who in different ways have been affected by threats and hate aimed at politicians. The films aim to raise awareness about the vulnerability of politicians and to strengthen their working conditions.

While the people you see in these movies are actors the events they depict are based on real events. The films have been produced by SALAR, funded by Swedish government to strengthen support for gender equality and protections for female politicians.

With each film comes short facts and a suggested discussion question: How much should politicians put up with? What support might they need in their democratic role?

I pity your children

Lisa is responsible for closing a number of schools and is attacked on social media in a way that her male politician colleagues are not, although they are equally responsible. How is she affected by the threats and hate?

I pity your children, Youtube

I would like to report a crime

Narja is leading a campaign for building new housing, which will led to the removal of parking spaces. She receives a lot of threats and hate in social media. She is harassed in her own home. What does Narja do in this situation?

I want to report a crime, Youtube


  • Anna-Lena Pogulis

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