Published 23 March 2021

Joint Action for Mental Health Sweden

Mental health affects and is affected by all areas of society. Accordingly, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) has launched the initiative Joint Action for Mental Health Sweden, which is to act as a joint arena for long-term and cross-sectoral development work for better mental health.

Joint Action for Mental Health Sweden has three primary focus areas:

  1. A healthier society and healthier lifestyles.
  2. Individuals equipped to reach their full potential and wellbeing.
  3. Long-term support for those who need it.

These focus areas reflect the overarching aim of the initiative for broad and cross-sectoral collaboration, encompassing areas including community planning and living conditions, general preventative and promotional activities, and help and support for those with the greatest need.

The initiative is founded on the idea that mental health concerns everyone, which means that solutions need to be broad and cross-sectoral. The initiative is open to participation by all stakeholders – the public sector, the private sector and civil society. You can read more about how you and your organisation can get involved under “Participate in the initiative”.

Joint Action for Mental Health Sweden is in line with the work SALAR already pursues within, for example, the initiatives Strategy for Health, Transition to Person-centred and Integrated Care, and Increased Digitalisation.

SALAR gathering resources for mental health support during crises

Times of crisis present a major risk of deteriorating mental health, whether due to worry, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. Many people come face to face with such problems, not least those working in social services, schools and healthcare. SALAR has now put together a comprehensive collection of advice on and links to different types of support. The collection has been compiled in collaboration with a hundred or so organisations, government agencies, local authorities and regions. The collection continues to grow through different collaborative efforts to identify continuing needs for support and various initiatives to meet those needs. The list will be regularly expanded and updated.

To make it as easy as possible to search the various forms of support found in the list, we have split them into four different categories:

  • Children up to 12
  • Young people aged 12 to 25
  • Adults
  • Older people

Each category includes, for example, advice for people suffering from worry or anxiety, seeking social interaction or in need of support due to violence or abuse.

Three initiatives for a healthier society

Strategy for Health, Person-centred and Integrated Care, and Joint Action for Mental Health Sweden are three of SALAR’s initiatives which together contribute to a healthier society. Each of these initiatives has a clear focus and although they differ, they do all share two common themes:

  • Individuals being given the conditions to achieve their best possible health and equipped to reach their full potential
  • Well-functioning welfare services

Strategy for Health

Strategy for Health entails Sweden’s most important welfare services – schools, social services, nursing and care services, and healthcare and medical services – being managed, governed and coordinated so as to promote health and prevent ill health.

Transition to Person-centred and Integrated Care

More accessible and person-centred and integrated health and care services, combined with new work methods within the field, will enable better use of the available health and care resources so as to benefit more people. At the heart of Person-centred and Integrated Care is a people-centric work method based on the needs and circumstances of the individual.


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