Published 2 November 2023

Gender-equal procurement

Government agencies, municipalities and regions make purchases for nearly 800 billion SEK per year. This means that every third tax crown goes to companies or organizations that deliver everything from buildings and public transport, to food at the nursing home and toys in the preschool.

In order for the goods, services and building contracts that are procured to meet both women's and men's needs, priorities and conditions, systematic gender equality work is required that covers the entire procurement process, from policy level and strategic decisions to requirements and follow-up.

Following the strategy of gender mainstreaming, SALAR and the National Agency for Public Procurement, have developed a guide on how to advance gender equaliy through public procurement. The guide is available as an online report, accompanied by a PDF checklist to facilitate the putting in practice of the content.

Using public procurement to advance gender equality, a guide

In a gender-equal society, all publicly funded operations match the conditions and needs of both women and men. This guide shows how organisations can set gender equality requirements in procurement with regards to suppliers, products, services and construction contracts. The aim is to be able to offer comparable welfare and a gender-equal distribution of resources to different groups of women and men, girls and boys.

Using public procurement to advance gender equality, a guide

Checklist for gender equality requirements in procurement (PDF) Pdf, 85 kB.


  • Magnus Jacobson

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